Pemberton Christian Fellowship has been a community church in the Pemberton Valley for over 30 years. We are a 'come as you are' gathering of Christian believers, seekers and visitors all exploring together the Way, the Truth and the Life of Jesus Christ.

We gather for worship and celebration, including Sunday School and Nursery for children, at 10:30 every Sunday morning at the Pemberton Community Centre. On the fourth Sunday of every month we have a special 'Family Service' when we observe the Lord's Supper and have a 'Children's Feature' instead of Sunday School.

Please see our calendar of events section for upcoming special activities, or read more about our pastor and other elders.

We are a small, rural church that enjoys a wide range of Christian diversity. Our tradition and core beliefs are broadly summarized by our affiliate conferences, the Mennonite Brethren of British Columbia and Canada.

You are very welcome to visit anytime!

Bulletin / Sunday Schedule / Special Event / Month Calendar

Thursday, January-29-15

7:00pm    Congregational AGM
Pemberton Christian Fellowship
P.O. Box 301
Pemberton, BC
V0N 2L0


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Nathalie Klein | office administrator |
Linda DenDuyf | calendar / bulletin editor |
Paul Cumin | pastor / elder |
Mark Leverton | moderator / elder |

Sermon Archive prior to July 2012

Date Title Speaker Series  
7/15/2012 Carry Each Other's Burdens Paul Cumin None
7/8/2012 Using Our Gifts For Building The Church Paul Cumin None
6/24/2012 Hebrews In Review Paul Cumin Hebrews
6/17/2012 The Lord Is Our Great Shepherd Paul Cumin Hebrews
6/3/2012 Have Confidence In Your Leaders Paul Cumin Hebrews
5/27/2012 A Meditation On The Lord's Supper Mark Leverton None
5/20/2012 Sharing The Name Of Christ Paul Cumin Hebrews
5/13/2012 Strange Teachings VS Sound Doctrine Paul Cumin Hebrews
5/6/2012 The Indwelling Spirit Frank Berto None
4/15/2012 Beware Of Strange Teaching Paul Cumin Hebrews
4/8/2012 He Is Risen Paul Cumin None
4/1/2012 Remembering The Passover Duncan Hay None
3/25/2012 A Legacy Of Love Mark Leverton None
3/18/2012 The Crux Of Sexuality In Marriage Paul Cumin Hebrews
3/11/2012 The Christian Hospitality Paul Cumin Hebrews
3/4/2012 The Highs and Lows of Life Chad Chomlack None
2/26/2012 A Warning From Heaven Paul Cumin Hebrews
2/19/2012 Contrast Between Sinai And Zion Paul Cumin Hebrews
2/12/2012 Seek Holiness And Reject Immorality Paul Cumin Hebrews
2/5/2012 God Will Provide Ron Fogarty None
1/29/2012 Be At Peace With Everyone Paul Cumin Hebrews
1/22/2012 Getting A New Grip Paul Cumin Hebrews
1/15/2012 A Loving Discipline Paul Cumin Hebrews
1/8/2012 How Can I Change My Life - Part 2 Mark Leverton None
1/1/2012 How Can I Change My Life - Part 1 Mark Leverton None
12/25/2011 The Bread Of Life Paul Cumin None
12/18/2011 Running The Race Paul Cumin Hebrews
12/11/2011 Fixing Our Eyes Upon Jesus Paul Cumin Hebrews
12/4/2011 Trusting God In Our Weaknesses Paul Cumin Hebrews
11/27/2011 Bringing Down The Walls Paul Cumin Hebrews
11/20/2011 How To Be A Lover - Part 3 Mark Leverton None
11/13/2011 By Faith They Left Egypt Paul Cumin Hebrews
11/6/2011 5 Truths About Jesus Frank Berto None
10/30/2011 How To Be A Lover - Part 2 Mark Leverton None
10/16/2011 The Concept of Sin Paul Cumin None
10/9/2011 Learning From Moses Paul Cumin Hebrews
10/2/2011 Learning From Joseph Paul Cumin Hebrews
9/25/2011 Hebrews Recap Paul Cumin Hebrews
9/18/2011 Carry Each Other's Burdens Paul Cumin None
9/11/2011 Consequences of Religion Paul Cumin None
9/4/2011 A Troubled Saul Darcy Reimer None
8/14/2011 Testimony Mark Leverton Testimony
8/7/2011 Your Faith Has Saved You Mark Leverton None
7/31/2011 A Different Circumcision Paul Cumin None
7/24/2011 Loving God Ron Kirkeen None
7/17/2011 The Example Of Jacob Paul Cumin Hebrews
7/10/2011 God Will Have His Way Paul Cumin Hebrews
7/3/2011 Wrapped Up Darcy Reimer None
6/26/2011 Take a risk, trust in His promise Mark Leverton None
6/19/2011 Trust Not The Gift But The Giver Paul Cumin Hebrews
5/29/2011 Living By Faith Till The End Paul Cumin Hebrews
5/22/2011 He Is Faithful When We Are Falling Paul Cumin Hebrews
5/15/2011 By Faith We Go Paul Cumin Hebrews
5/8/2011 Testimony Ron Fogarty Testimony
5/1/2011 The Risen-ness of Christ Chad Chomlack None
4/24/2011 He Is Risen! Paul Cumin None
4/17/2011 A Case Of Faith...fulness Paul Cumin Hebrews
4/10/2011 Jesus and the Woman at the well Andy Lambkin None
4/3/2011 Is Jeremiah Weeping? Jonathan Janzen None
3/27/2011 On Giving Paul Cumin None
3/20/2011 The Assurance Of Faith Paul Cumin Hebrews
3/13/2011 Endurance In The Faith Paul Cumin Hebrews
2/27/2011 Christ or Judgment Paul Cumin Hebrews
2/20/2011 Let Us "Irritate" One Another Paul Cumin Hebrews
2/13/2011 A New And Living Way Paul Cumin Hebrews
2/6/2011 One Sacrifice Of Christ Is Sufficient Paul Cumin Hebrews
1/30/2011 The Best Wine Has Come At Last Andy Lambkin None
1/23/2011 WHO Is The Truth Paul Cumin None
1/16/2011 The Blind Can See Paul Cumin None
1/9/2011 The Blood of The Covenant Paul Cumin Hebrews
12/26/2010 An Eternal Inheritance Paul Cumin Hebrews
12/19/2010 Man, Mediator, God Paul Cumin Hebrews
12/12/2010 The Blood Of Christ Paul Cumin Hebrews
12/5/2010 The Earthly Tabernacle Paul Cumin Hebrews
11/28/2010 A New Covenant Paul Cumin Hebrews
11/21/2010 Entangled With Sin Paul Cumin Hebrews
11/14/2010 God's Forgiveness Paul Cumin Hebrews
10/24/2010 Our Own High Priest Paul Cumin Hebrews
10/17/2010 A Priest Like Melchizedek Paul Cumin Hebrews
10/10/2010 Inspiring Renewed Commitment Paul Cumin Hebrews
9/26/2010 Our Most Precious Treasure Paul Cumin None
9/19/2010 Caught In SIN Paul Cumin None
9/12/2010 The Two Great Commandments Paul Cumin None
9/5/2010 The Gift Of Salvation Gord Fleming None
8/29/2010 Embracing Diversity Jack Crompton None
8/22/2010 Antidote To Indecision Mark Leverton None
8/15/2010 A Useful Crop Paul Cumin Hebrews
8/8/2010 Inspiring Fidelity Paul Cumin Hebrews
8/1/2010 Milk or Solid Food Paul Cumin Hebrews
7/18/2010 Learning The Hard Way Paul Cumin Hebrews
7/4/2010 The Man Born Blind Andy Lambkin None
6/20/2010 The Word of God Paul Cumin Hebrews
6/6/2010 Heart Health - Part 2 Mark Leverton None
5/30/2010 Rely On The Power Of God Dave Treadway None
5/23/2010 Heart Health Mark Leverton None
5/16/2010 A Godly Rest Paul Cumin Hebrews
5/9/2010 Open Your Heart To The Word Of God Paul Cumin Hebrews
5/2/2010 Fix Your Thoughts On Jesus Paul Cumin Hebrews
4/25/2010 Perfected Through Suffering Paul Cumin Hebrews
4/18/2010 The Joy of Giving Back Paul Cumin None
4/11/2010 Reaching The Unreached Carlin Weinhauer None
4/4/2010 The Easter Story Paul Cumin None
3/21/2010 Faith In First Class Paul Cumin Hebrews
3/14/2010 Drifting Away Paul Cumin Hebrews
2/21/2010 Superior To Angels Paul Cumin Hebrews
2/14/2010 Distant Relationship Paul Cumin Hebrews
2/7/2010 On Women In Ministry Paul Cumin None
1/24/2010 Living The Life Paul Cumin None
1/17/2010 Are You Pretending? Paul Cumin None
1/10/2010 A Familiar Way Paul Cumin None
1/3/2010 Stress Busters Mark Leverton None
12/27/2009 Idols - Exposed Paul Cumin 1 John
12/20/2009 God Takes Charge Paul Cumin 1 John
12/13/2009 Go For The Content - Not The Packaging Paul Cumin 1 John
12/6/2009 Born Of God Paul Cumin 1 John
11/29/2009 Jesus For Everyone Darcy Reimer None
11/22/2009 Be Ambassador Of The Word Ernie Klassen None
11/15/2009 Love One Another Paul Cumin 1 John
11/8/2009 Step By Step Rev. Dr. Terry LeBlanc None
11/1/2009 Fear Schmear Paul Cumin 1 John
10/25/2009 Pastor Appreciation Anonymous None
10/18/2009 Bigger Test Paul Cumin 1 John
10/11/2009 Big Test Paul Cumin 1 John
10/4/2009 Genuine Love Richard Ebel None
9/27/2009 Heart Strong Paul Cumin 1 John
9/20/2009 Stress Busters - God's Antidote To Worry Mark Leverton None
9/13/2009 The Selfish Scene Paul Cumin None
8/30/2009 Testimony Bert VanDeWetering Testimony
8/16/2009 Where To Look In Times Of Change Jack Teeter None
8/9/2009 The Freedom Of The Kingdom Of God Brian Mathews None
8/2/2009 Breaking The Wall Paul Cumin 1 John
7/26/2009 Love Litmus Paul Cumin 1 John
7/19/2009 Community - The Christian Way Sean Burke None
7/12/2009 Of Mail And Mountains Paul Cumin 1 John
7/5/2009 Big and More Paul Cumin 1 John
6/21/2009 Keep It Real Paul Cumin 1 John
6/14/2009 Supporting Mission In Faith Anonymous None
5/31/2009 What's Love Got To Do With It? Mark Leverton None
5/24/2009 Testimony Sony Falardeau Testimony
5/24/2009 Testimony Dave & Tessa Treadway Testimony
5/17/2009 The Last Hour Paul Cumin 1 John
5/10/2009 World Wind Paul Cumin 1 John
5/3/2009 Faith-ful-ness Paul Cumin 1 John
4/26/2009 A World Of Distractions Teus Kapers None
4/19/2009 Stepping On Paul Cumin 1 John
4/12/2009 Give Us Barabbas Paul Cumin None
4/5/2009 Untitled Richard Twiss None
3/29/2009 Testimony Rodney & Cathy Relucio Testimony
3/23/2009 New School Bling Paul Cumin 1 John
3/16/2009 Pants On Fire Paul Cumin 1 John
3/8/2009 Family Resemblance - Choosing To Change Mark Leverton None
3/1/2009 Top 10 About Jesus Duncan Hay None
2/22/2009 'at-one-ment' Paul Cumin 1 John
2/22/2009 Testimony Anonymous Testimony
2/15/2009 Right Light Paul Cumin 1 John
2/8/2009 The Incarnate Word Paul Cumin 1 John
1/18/2009 James Redux Paul Cumin Book of James
1/11/2009 Surfing In Nebraska... With Camel Knees Paul Cumin Book of James
12/28/2008 What Are You Waiting For? Paul Cumin Book of James
12/21/2008 Mistery Of Christmas Paul Cumin None
12/14/2008 Merry? Paul Cumin Book of James
12/7/2008 Intro To Practical Atheism Paul Cumin Book of James
11/30/2008 Hope Came Down At Christmas Neil Klassen None
11/23/2008 Remembering The Covenant Darcy Reimer None
11/16/2008 Not Nearly Enough Paul Cumin Book of James
11/9/2008 On Being Friendly Paul Cumin Book of James
11/2/2008 Answering The Call Kene Jackson None
10/26/2008 Some Kind of Wiseguy Paul Cumin Book of James
10/19/2008 Tongue Twisted Paul Cumin Book of James
10/12/2008 How Are You Doing? Paul Cumin Book of James
10/5/2008 Stewardship Lloyd Reimer None
9/28/2008 Shaped To Serve Mark Leverton Purpose Driven Living
9/21/2008 Believe And Shudder Paul Cumin Book of James
9/14/2008 Play-doh Spirituality Paul Cumin Book of James
9/7/2008 Life Bucks Paul Cumin None
8/31/2008 Poor Faith Paul Cumin Book of James
8/24/2008 The Mission Andy Lambkin None
8/17/2008 Welcome Mr. Shabby Pants Paul Cumin Book of James
8/10/2008 Testimony Andy Cochran None
8/3/2008 To Become Like Christ Mark Leverton Purpose Driven Living
7/27/2008 Learn To Love Others Mark Leverton Purpose Driven Living
7/20/2008 Planned For God's Pleasure Mark Leverton Purpose Driven Living
7/6/2008 Simple Truth Paul Cumin Book of James
6/29/2008 Mirrors Are Our Friends Paul Cumin Book of James
6/22/2008 Listening Gooder Paul Cumin Book of James
6/15/2008 Good For You Paul Cumin Book of James
6/8/2008 Evan's Lake Retreat Paul Cumin Book of James
6/1/2008 Passing Wind Paul Cumin Book of James
5/18/2008 Introduction Paul Cumin Book of James

Paul Cumin

Paul and his wife Melanie have three kids and live with a bunch of animals and some other partially organized growing things near Ivey Lake. Paul is the pastor at PCF which means he is supposed to pray, study, preach and generally try to look after things. Although his wife thinks it amusing, Paul does some marital counseling. He is especially available for 'ministry meetings' that involve fly-fishing. Contact Pastor Paul: 604.905.9404, or follow him on Twitter () or his blog .

Mark Leverton

Mark and his wife Kathy have two daughters and live very near the centre of the Universe in Vinyl Village/"the Glen." Mark teaches P.E. at Pemberton Secondary School and is widely recognized there as being 'super into God, or something.' Mark is our Moderator at PCF and he oversees our Sunday School ministry. Contact Mark if you have any questions or comments about how things work around here or if you'd like to help out with our kids' programs. You could try calling him (604.894.6064), or you could send him an email:

Rich Prohaska

Rich and his wife Heather have two daughters and live beside a raspberry bush on a hilltop near Poole Creek. When he's not building something, climbing something, calmly hurrying somewhere, or cutting his own hair, Rich looks after a catch-basin of responsibilities at PCF called 'community outreach and public awareness.' Talk to Rich if you have a new idea for our church or a plan for being more Christ-like in our community. To contact Rich you should... umm, well, good luck with that. or 604.932.0882